Energy Procurement

“He who lives by the crystal ball is destined to eat ground glass ... Between 1979 and 1982, I had eaten enough glass to realize that what was most important wasn’t knowing the future, it was knowing how to react appropriately to the information available at each point in time.”- Ray Dalio, Principles

The Challenge

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Procuring energy in an unpredictable market has become a challenge (and savings opportunity) for organizations that are under continuous pressure to reduce costs and risks. Additionally, accurately comparing apples-to-apples prices on risk-appropriate products while navigating changing legislation can prove time-consuming, overwhelming and, if not done properly, costly.

A few things to consider:

  • Do you have expertise to accurately compare competitive pricing?
    • Commodity prices can have additional 10-15 separate ancillary components that are billed differently by different suppliers. Those components can drastically affect your overall spend.
  • Can you get better terms and conditions? What is standard?
  • When is the best time to go out for a new deal?
  • Does third-party supply make sense for your facility
    • At times, the utility is the cheapest option.
  • Are there regulatory changes that may positively/negatively impact your energy profile.

The Solution

Ecom-Energy is the objective expert on energy procurement in the healthcare industry. We have assisted customers in every major region of the United States so know the ins and outs of deregulated markets. We help customers assess risk to provide a product that best suits their needs while meeting carbon reduction and sustainability goals. Suppliers like us because they know they will get a fair shot and customers love us because they know their energy portfolio is always personally and proactively managed with savings in mind.

Average Customer Savings

Ecom-Energy’s competitive procurement process provides:

  1. Control - Take control of your own budget and spending to dictate when, how, and from whom you purchase your energy.
  2. Budget Certainty - Energy procurement mitigates risk and creates short- and long-term budget certainty.
  3. Savings - With proper market timing, expertise, and strategy, customers can take advantage of savings opportunities in an energy landscape that is constantly changing.
  4. Personal Service - We view each procurement profile as our own, so every penny matters as we regularly monitor the market for opportunities. We do not lock in and forget until expiration.

Ecom-Energy’s objective procurement solution includes but is not limited to:

  • Assessment of Customer Needs & Market Conditions
  • Risk Assessment
  • Carbon Reduction/Sustainability Goal Setting & Strategy
  • Deal Structure Analysis
  • Strategy Development & Implementation
    • Current markets require creativity and constant monitoring.
  • Regulatory Analysis
    • Ecom-Energy tracks regulatory impacts on key cost components like Resource Adequacy (RA), Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), and Backbone Transportation Service (BTS).
  • RFP Development & Management
  • Contract Review & Negotiation
  • Bid Analysis & Price Negotiation
  • Market Monitoring to Assess Performance & Future Buying Opportunities

Case Study: Sharp HealthCare Electricity Procurement

Since 2001, Ecom-Energy has partnered with Sharp HealthCare to provide energy procurement, project consulting, and budgeting services.

Through a detailed risk assessment and competitive procurement process, Ecom-Energy enabled Sharp HealthCare to realize millions of dollars in electricity savings against the utility in 2019.

Annual Savings Against Utility
Solar PV Carport at Desert Valley Hospital

Risk Assessment

Before procuring energy, it is essential to understand your organization’s risk tolerance.

Ecom-Energy works with you and your team to tailor a product that reflects your organization’s goals. Want to know what you will spend for the next three years? Choose fixed pricing. Want to be open to changing weather, storage, and production factors in the chance there is savings? Choose Index pricing. Fall somewhere in the middle, choose half fixed, and half Index pricing.

Instead of providing cookie-cutter contracts and product options, your organization will benefit from a procurement strategy that works to meet your energy goals.

Solar PV Carport at Desert Valley Hospital

Market Snapshot: California

The graph below shows regional volatility in action. We see a history of substantial fluctuations and volatility that healthcare facilities are exposed to and which Ecom-Energy can help navigate.

Energy Deregulation in the United States

The interactive map highlights which commodities are deregulated in your state. However, certain States and utilities offer unique exceptions, so Ecom-Energy strongly encourages your team to contact us to see what opportunities are available.


      • Electricity Deregulation
      • Natural Gas Deregulation
      • Natural Gas & Electricity Deregulation
      • Fully Regulated Energy Market

    Energy Procurement Professionals

    Ecom-Energy's expert staff includes Certified Energy Procurement Professionals (CEP™) as certified by the Association of Energy Engineers.

    REP - Renewable Energy Professional