Ecom-Energy's Services

Over the course of 20+ years, Ecom-Energy has worked with national healthcare leaders, GPOs, and internationally recognized/global auditing firms as subject matter experts. As a result, Ecom-Energy has served hospitals throughout the country and is eager to bring best practices, experience, and personal service to help healthcare customers both big and small.

Ecom-Energy provides a comprehensive array of objective consulting services, reports, tools, and management to help you become a better-informed energy buyer and user. Whether you require information to make your own recommendations, outside assistance with specific functions, or a comprehensive strategic consulting resource, Ecom-Energy can help.

Our services are available individually, combined, on an ad hoc basis, or ongoing.

Sustainability & Carbon Management

A Cleaner Impact

Ecom-Energy has helped organizations for decades with these same questions. We tailor short- and long-term sustainability plans that are specific to the goals of your organization. As an objective energy consulting firm, we have no ties to any specific technology or vendor – only to the customer. We utilize all sustainability tools and implement those that best align with your facilities’ targets, risk tolerance, and economic thresholds.

Utility Benchmarking & Compliance

Better Benchmarking, Better Insights

Our EnerVisor Software is designed to make energy information actionable, and your job easier. Best of all, EnerVisor Software is a turnkey solution. After initial data collection, EnerVisor Software requires no additional effort from facility members. Data input, compliance, and management is handled in-house by Ecom-Energy’s expert staff. In addition to compliance mandates there are hundreds of reporting possibilities in EnerVisor Software, including custom charts and graphs. By tracking data at the line item level, EnerVisor Software provides the insight you need to take control of your gas, power, and water profiles.

Energy Procurement

Objective Consulting That Saves

Ecom-Energy is the objective expert on energy procurement in the healthcare industry. We have assisted customers in the procurement of electricity and natural gas in every major region of the United States, thus we know the ins and outs of the deregulated markets. We help our customers assess internal risk to provide a product that best suits their needs while meeting carbon reduction and sustainability goals. Suppliers like us because they know they will get a fair shot and customers love us because they know their energy portfolio is personally and proactively managed with savings in mind.

Energy Efficiency & Technical Services

Making Energy Make Sense

Ecom-Energy offers a full suite of services to independently evaluate facility operations, budgets, project economics, and equipment, as well as perform and manage energy focused RFPs. Ecom-Energy customizes, develops, and manages strategies to achieve financial and usage goals through energy excellence.

Renewable Energy & Onsite Generation

Go Green, Save Green

As an objective energy consulting firm, we have no ties to any specific technology or vendor – only to the customer. Ecom-Energy evaluates the technical and cost characteristics of renewable energy and onsite generation technologies through technology evaluations, sensitivity studies, financing options, evaluation of historical rates, forecasts, and key inputs and assumptions. We will verify if a project makes sense and, just as importantly, if it does not.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging

Let Objectivity Drive You

Ecom-Energy has helped procure hundreds of EV chargers for its customers through competitive RFPs. We develop and manage an RFP for EV charging equipment and maintenance that is designed with the customer’s unique use case in mind.

Financial Energy Consulting

Nuts & Bolts of Energy Economics

Ecom-Energy provides a full suite of services to objectively evaluate facility budgets, rate forecasts, savings expectations, and project economics. We independently verify vendors’ assumptions and work with CFOs to create conservative economic outlooks.

Corporate Energy Strategies (CES)

Achieve Energy Harmony
Ecom-Energy's Corporate Energy Strategy (CES) Cycle

Ecom-Energy’s Corporate Energy Strategy (CES) program allows healthcare customers to achieve energy harmony. By utilizing Ecom-Energy’s complete suite of services and bringing facilities together, healthcare organizations can systematically understand and control their energy use and cost.