Financial Energy Consulting

The Challenge

Ecom-Energy's Financial Consulting Services

With energy projects, every decision impacts capital or operational expense budgets. Projecting these impacts can be difficult in an energy landscape that is evolving in regard to regulations, mandates, rates, global outlooks, and technologies.

A few things to consider:

  • What are next fiscal year’s utility budgeting figures?
  • Do you have expertise to properly forecast project impacts?
  • Are you staying up to date with proposed and approved rate changes?
  • What inputs and assumptions are accurate and not overinflating savings?
  • Which financing option is the best fit for your organization?

The Solution

Ecom-Energy provides a full suite of services to objectively evaluate facility budgets, rate forecasts, savings expectations, and project economics. We independently verify vendors’ assumptions and work with CFOs to create conservative economic outlooks.

Ecom-Energy's Financial Energy Consulting services include:

  • Utility Budgeting
    • Fiscal year-based budgeting with detailed methodology accounting for rate increases, usage changes, Master Planning, and market forecasts.
  • Infrastructure Impacts on Energy
    • High level accounting for changes to shelled space, new builds, tear downs, acquisitions, etc.
  • Rebate & Incentive Acquisition
    • Ensuring facilities are utilizing all local, state, and federal rebates and incentives.
  • Financing Evaluations
    • Ecom-Energy provides evaluations on which financing mechanism best suits the organization. From traditional capital purchases or financing options to more creative solutions, we lay out the pros, cons, and overall impacts.
  • Rate Forecasts & Impacts
    • Utilities are constantly proposing rate changes. Ecom-Energy analyzes how these changes impact your specific tariffs and overall organization.
  • Sensitivity Analyses
    • We provide conservative outlooks on a variety of potential situations in electricity and natural gas markets.

Certified Professionals

Our expert staff includes Certified Business Energy Professionals (BEP™) and Certified Measurement & Verification Professionals (CMVP™) as certified by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).

BEP - Certified Business Energy ProfessionalCSDP - Certified Sustainable Development Professional