Sustainability & Carbon Management

The Challenge

Ecom-Energy's Sustainability & Carbon Management Services

The corporate social responsibility (CSR) landscape has strongly shifted to include sustainability and carbon reduction goals in the last decade. However, the path forward is often arduous and complex. A commitment to action is a great step but the hard work starts after the commitment - formulating a strategy and implementation plan to hit targets. Then the question is – how and where do you start?

A few things to consider:

  • To set goals you need a baseline. How do you begin the benchmarking process?
  • How do you measure Scope 1-3 emissions and which do you focus on first?
  • What will the implementation plan cost and what will it save?
  • Is the focus on improving local campuses, investing in large offsite projects, or both?
  • What are RECs, carbon offsets, and LCFS? How do they play into a sustainability plan?
  • How do you monetize existing renewable assets, and should you?

The Solution

Ecom-Energy has helped organizations for decades with these same questions. We tailor short- and long-term sustainability plans that are specific to the goals of your organization. As an objective energy consulting firm, we have no ties to any specific technology or vendor – only to the customer. We utilize all sustainability tools and implement those that best align with your facilities’ targets, risk tolerance, and economic thresholds.

Ecom-Energy's Sustainability & Carbon Management services include:

  • Strategy Development & Implementation
    • Establish an emissions baseline, realistic goals, budget, and implementation plan
  • Emission Tracking & Reporting
    • Understand your scope emissions and receive regular updates
  • Renewable Energy & Onsite Generation
    • Understanding which on site generation solutions provide a pathway towards hitting sustainability targets
  • Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) & Carbon Offsets
    • Procure or sell RECs and utilize carbon offsets to compensate for emissions.
  • Low Carbon Fuel Standards (LCFS)
    • Monetize LCFS credits from EV chargers and other clean energy equipment
  • Community Choice Aggregation (CCA)
    • Take advantage of CCA programs and green tariffs to quickly combat Scope 2 emissions while ensuring these programs remain cost competitive.
  • Powering Purchase Agreements (PPA & VPPA)
    • Negotiate access to green energy claims via traditional PPAs and utilize offsite VPPAs to implement renewable energy projects that aren’t feasible locally.
  • Monitoring, Reporting & Communicating Progress
  • Voluntary Carbon Offset Procurement
    • Identify high-integrity carbon reduction/removal projects. These range from reforestation to direct air capture.
  • Environmental (ESG) Reporting
    • Turnkey design and development of the environmental component of annual ESG reports.

Certified Professionals

Our expert staff includes Certified Business Energy Professionals (BEP™) and Certified Measurement & Verification Professionals (CMVP™) as certified by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).

BEP - Certified Business Energy ProfessionalCSDP - Certified Sustainable Development Professional