Administration Endorses Energy Benchmarking

On May 17, 2018, the Administration signed Executive Order 13834 requiring all federal agencies to manage their operations in a manner “that increases efficiency, optimizes performance, eliminates unnecessary use of resources, and protects the environment.”

The Order establishes specific agency goals built on a foundation of energy tracking and reporting:

  • Achieve and maintain annual reductions in building energy use and implement energy efficiency measures that reduce costs.
  • Meet statutory requirements relating to the consumption of renewable energy and electricity.
  • Reduce potable and non-potable water consumption and comply with stormwater management requirements.
  • Utilize performance contracting to achieve energy, water, building modernization, and infrastructure goals.
  • Ensure that new construction and major renovations conform to applicable building energy efficiency requirements and sustainable design principles; consider building efficiency when renewing or entering into leases; implement space utilization and optimization practices; and annually assess and report on building conformance to sustainability metrics.
  • Implement waste prevention and recycling measures and comply with all federal requirement with regard to solid, hazardous, and toxic waste management and disposal.
  • Acquire, use, and dispose of products and services, including electronics, in accordance with statutory mandates for purchasing preference, Federal Acquisition Regulation requirements, and other applicable federal procurement policies.
  • Track and report on energy management activities, performance improvements, cost reductions, greenhouse gas emissions, energy and water savings, and other appropriate performance measures.

The Executive Order specifically encourages agencies to enter into performance-based contracts “to achieve energy, water, building modernization, and infrastructure goals.”

As an industry leader in utility benchmarking efforts and certified ENERGY STAR Partner, Ecom-Energy's EnerVisor Software is designed to accomplish the very goals set forth by the Administration in Executive Order 13834. This Order is just the latest in an increasing number of mandates across America requiring buildings to track and report their energy benchmarks. Hospitals already taking advantage of EnerVisor Software are ahead of the curve.

Ecom-Energy applauds the capitol for taking this leadership role in energy conservation and encourages other organizations - public and private - to follow the Fed’s lead.

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